Website FAQs

How do I get to the hike finder, and get back to the home page?

The Hiker in the menu row is available to navigate to the hikes and parks finder. To return to the home page, select the logo on any page.Hover over any icon to see a 'tooltip' describing what the function of each icon is.

How can I currently tell the level of difficulty of a hike when I'm on that hike's page?

The difficulty level is represented by the 'power level' icons in the filters.
The orange box at the beginning of each hike page includes information such as the difficulty, length, features. Hover over any icon to see a 'tooltip' describing what the function of each icon is.

I requested to reset my password but did not receive any emails to do so.

Please check your spam folder. Such emails frequently wind up there, depends on who your email provider is.

How do I get to the Forums?

The forums are available from the menu. Go to News - Trail Forums to access forums. Or click here to access the forums.

Where can I find information about the Long Path and long distance trails?

Information about the Long Path, Appalachian Trail, Highlands Trail and other long distance trails in our region are available on the Hiking Resources page.

How can I print my hike page?

Each hike, park and destination page features a 'Printer-friendlyVersion' button.. The resulting page contains the complete information for the respective page, ready for your outdoor adventure.

What is 'My Dashboard'?

'My Dashboard' provides personalized content for our registered website users, volunteers and staff. Users must first login to the website. Once logged in, users may see event registrations, favorited hikes, and a wide range of volunteer resources including forms, documents, and much more.

Where can I find the forms that I need to use as a volunteer?

All volunteer resources including OPRHP volunteer forms, trail maintainer forns and documents are located on 'My Dashboard', accessible from the menu. Be sure to first login with your old website credentials to gain access to My Dashboard.

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please Contact Us and drop us a note

How I can find out what my ID/password is?

Passwords on the system are always encrypted and cannot be recovered.
You must use the "Request new password" on the login screen.
You can use either your username or your email address as your ID.
If you don't remember which email address you registered as try ones you remember and it will send you reset link if that email account still exists.
If you are registered with an old email address which you no longer have access to, use the Contact Us form to get us to reset it to your current email address.

I sent a request to reset my password and have not received an email response to reset.

Email provides such as Yahoo and Optonline may treat NYNJTC emails as spam. Be sure to look for the password reset email in your spam folder.

Many hikes are missing pictures. How can I help make the hike and park entries look pretty again?

The old site had low resolution pictures which looked grainy and pixellated. As of 12/1/2016 we have replaced about 70% of them. The remainder have the blue sky placeholder images. Please take some pictures when/if you visit the park. Fill out this form to submit your images. We already used quite a few of the submissions. Thank you!