Blue Hole

Blue Hole


The Blue Hole on Rondout Creek in the Sundown Wild Forest The Blue Hole on Rondout Creek in the Sundown Wild Forest
41.9182, -74.4215

One the best kept secrets in the Catskills is now one of the most popular swimming holes in the northeast. The Blue Hole draws hundreds of swimmers and picnickers to the banks of a small creek in Peekamoose Valley on hot summer weekends. This refreshing oasis is worth a visit but a sudden boom in popularity now requires visitors to follow strict rules, including no BBQs and no glass bottles....

The Blue Hole is a deep swimming hole on Rondout Creek in the Sundown Wild Forest. Brace yourself as you stand on top of the cool rock ledge: the blueish-green water below you is cold. It may take your breath away. It may be the closest you ever want to come to the polar bear plunge. You jump anyway. After you swim to the bank, you’ll have a hard time coming up with a more refreshing way to...

  • The Blue Hole is open from sunrise to sunset.
  • No glass bottles. Pack cans or plastic instead. Glass is a bad idea because it breaks, which is dangerous for barefoot swimmers who walk along the bank.
  • No BBQs. This means no charcoal fires, wood fires, gas grills, propane stoves or other portable stoves.
  • No portable radios or stereos.
  • No camping....

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August 09, 2017
The ecological devastation of Blue Hole will go down in Catskill history as the moment when we recognized internet promotion as a destructive force in conservation efforts. This once beautiful natural water attraction has not been protected and is now host to intense recreational use. There are upwards of a thousand people each weekend who BBQ, set up tables and music and leave bio-hazard waste. Maintenance is not in keeping with Title XIV and it is a crime.
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