Bear Mountain & Harriman Parks Photo Book

Bear Mountain & Harriman Parks Photo Book Bear Mountain & Harriman Parks Photo Book

2018 - 1st edition

Photo book of Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks by renowned photographer Nick Zungoli.

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2018 - 1st edition

A guided journey through the beauty of Bear Mountain & Harriman State Parks.  If you're a hiker or nature photographer, there is no place in the Metro New York area that tops the 50,000 acres found at Bear Mountain and Harriman Parks.  The locations of over 150 stunning color photographs are pin-pointed on trail maps, with the dates taken, to create an intimate year-round portrait of this New York State treasure.  Visitor information for the Parks, as well as hiking and photography tips, are included.  With a skilled eye the photographer leads you on a journey through every corner of the Park, inspiring and inviting your own exploration.  Hudson River vistas, Seven Lakes Drive, Bear Mountain, Reeves Meadow, Stony Brook, The Timp and The Tornes, Lemon Squeeze, Island Pond, Hippo Rock and Almost Perpendicular are just a few of the magical places waiting for you to discover.

Published by Exposures Gallery Press.  164 pages, paperback.

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