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My wife and I have made a last minute descision to hike in the Taconic region this weekend, for 3 days.  We thought we'd hike north on the Taconic Ridge Trail for half the time and then turn around and hike south to where ever we parked.  The limiting factor will be camping, is it allowed along this trail?  If so what are the rules?
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Well, first I got the name of the trail wrong, it's the South Taconic Trail that I was refering to.   We wound up in MA's Mt. Washington State Forest.  We camped 2 nights in their primative camping area and did some loop hikes during the days.  There's a variety of trails and we felt lucky not to be up on the ridge during the thunder and lightening.  It rained all day Sunday so of course there was water in all the streams.  All in all it seems like a nice area that I think we'll be going bck to.
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Hi, I want to go to doodletown from nyc. How I can reach there, using the public transport. Thanks. majeed rahman.
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Only way i know of would be to take the bus from Port Authority to Bear Mountain, then you will have to hike about 2 miles south on the 1777E trail to get to Doodletown.
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i'm planning to meet a buddy mid may in echo lake area to do a two day moderate/strenuous hike.  would like to head out for a 16 to 20 mile loop.  Any rec. we have never hiked the area thanks dan
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I did this hike Saturday.  You need a DEC permit as it goes thru NYS water supply land. It is worth is as there are stone chambers, Hawk Rock and Balanced Rock (both geological erratics left by glaciers) and ruins of an old farm along the way.  It's loop trail 3.2 miles round trip of easy to moderate difficulty, much of it on an old woods road.  I explored several side trails of which there are quite a few, but the Kent CAC map does not show any of these.  I saw mountain bike and ATV tracks on these.  I was wondering if anyone knows of a more comprhensive map.  I also note that if you had a GPS you could bushwhack to the Rock from the east side of the Mt. Ninham MUA which would be a much shorter, but strenuous route.  I'll go back as there is much to see up there.
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That must be a liitle frustrating. You may also might try to find fellow runners on meetup.com who may have transportation. I found a guy down by the Oranges who was forming a group. The name however escapes me since I haven't been running for awhile. Good luck,
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Greetings from old trailrunner,      If dirt roads and the like are your thing try the Rails to Trails Conservancy at www.railstotrails.org As the name indicates they advocate the conversion of unused rail beds to packed grit bike trails. Lots of great trails through some beautiful scenery. Check it out. A great resource,                                                                                                        Jeff Roggenburg  
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Thanks for the link, that is a resourceful site. However, it would be even better if there were a way to search for trails accessible by public transit for those of us who don't have cars.
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Saw an article in the recent newsletter about a guy who ran all the trails in Harriman, which prompted me to ask if there are other people in this group who enjoy trail running? I'm in northern NJ, and while I have run many of the trails in this area, some are much better suited for the purpose than others. Many of my explorations find rocky, rooty surfaces that would be fine for hiking, but not so great for running. Ideally, I prefer dirt roads or fire roads, as are found at the Rockefeller Estate or on some of the rail trails, like the Columbia. I've put in some time in Ringwood State Park, and parts of that are not bad. Also, parts of Patriot's Path have pretty good footing, particularly the trails west of Sunrise Lake in Mendham. The Randolph Trails are also decent, but they're farther from me. Can anyone else offer any input? (Please note that I tried breaking this post up into paragraphs, but the server just lumped them all together.)
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I'm a trail running member of the NYNJTC. I primarily run the trails of Harriman and Bear Mt state parks which are, as you stated, rather rocky and rooty. However, the tremendous quantity of trails there makes an almost uncountable selection of run routes. The ski trails and woods roads ther you may find more to your liking. When I lived in northern NJ I would often run the trails below and on top of the Palisades which are somewhat less challenging than Harriman but offer loop options and great views Also, Tallman State park connecting at Piermont to the rail trail that runs to downtown Nyack NY is mostly dirt with basically no technical terrain. On the other (north)side of Nyack at Upper Nyack Beach State Park is a dirt bike trail along the river that goes to the TILCON plant in Haverstraw. This is a rolling scenic trail a bit more challenging then Tallman/Piermont rail trail. There is also a trail along the top of the cliffs there creating loop possibilities. Further north, for a fee, Minnewaska State Park and Mohonk Preserve in the Shawangunk Mts offer miles of carriage trails similar to Rockefeller with more climbing, with unbelievably fabulous scenery. If you need any more information, feel free to contact me through this site.
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Any recommendations on good trails for snow shoeing? We usually do the white bar starting at the cul-de-sac at the end of Johnsontown Road, which is great. Wondering if there are any others like that; not too steep a grade, etc... Thanks! Caren
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Hi folks, Deer and Bear shotgun season begins Monday the 6th and runs through the 11th in New Jersey. Can anyone recommend any good places to hike in northern NJ during the next week? Any good trails where I won't need to worry about getting in the way of hunters? Thanks!
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There is no hunting in most of Harriman State Park which is close to northern NJ. There is no hunting in Ramapo Mountain State Forest west of Skyline Drive. Hunting is not allowed in Ramapo Valley County Reservation.
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HIke the palisades anywhere between NY state line and the Geo Washington bridge, along the river or along the clifftop. See Hudson Palisades Trails Mapset.
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Hi Everybody, I'm looking for a primitive cabin (wood burning stove, no water, no electricity. privy) to rent for a long weekend this winter in the Adirondacks with some snowshoeing trails nearby. Any suggestions? Would be great if we could fit 4-6 people in there. Thanks! Adam
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Hi Guys, On Andy Garrison's recommendation I did a three day backpack north on the SRT and Long Path from Wurtsboro to old 52. It was a great trip!! Thanks Andy!! It was so good I want to go back with a buddy for another 3 day backpack at the end of this month. I was thinking of backpacking north from old 52 on the Long Path towards Sams Point and Lake Awosting. But I am not sure you can camp in that area. Is that true? Any suggestions? I just loved the section I hiked and would like to find a similar section. We live in North NJ ... Thanks for your input ... George
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Hi George, You are correct that you are unable to camp in Minnewaska and Sam's Point. I know a place nearby that you can camp. A Shawangunk Trails map set is a must for this route that I am going to recommend. From route 52 where the trail crosses 52 you can follow the LP on the South Gully Trail to the Sam's Point Loop Road. Follow the Aqua Long Path blazes downhill and turn left and begin to climb up to open views. Continue following the Long Paths aqua blazes to the Verkeeder Kill Falls Trail, it too has the aqua blazes. After the falls turn left leaving the Long Path on the red blazed High Point Trail. Follow the red blazes and prepare for more of the outstanding views you will have already experienced since climbing up the Loop Road. After crossing High Point with its 360 degree view you will descend to a junction with the blue blazed Berrypicker Trail; the red trail continues downhill to the left with the blue trail going straight. Continue straight ahead following the blue blazes. You will quickly arrive on an open rock slab that was once the site of the High Point Firetower. To the right the Berrypicker trail goes into the woods through some twisted Pitch Pines. follow the Berrypicker Trail with its awesome views continuing to the Smiley Carriageway. Turning left onto the carriageway following it west past the unmarked Mine Hole trail to the right. Continue on the Carriageway downhill at times, views will start to appear to your right. You will next pass the High Point Carriageway which leaves uphill to the left, continue straight. Not long after you will cross a stream that is a highly reliable water source. Once the stream is crossed you are in the NYS DEC Witch's Hole State Forest. Camping is legal here following the normal rules for DEC state forest land. You could set up your camp here and leave it for the second night while you explore this awesome area. If this sounds interesting contact me and I will help you work out the details and logistics. You would need an early start as this is about 11.3 miles. It could easily be adjusted though. Andy Garrison
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Thanks Andy! This sounds perfect!! I'll be in touch! George
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Check out these three new hikes recently added by a new [volunteer] Hike Writer, Daniela Wagstaff.  She likes moderate to strenuous hikes around 10 miles in length.  These involve travel to either the Catskills or the Southern Taconics Region and require five to eight hours each on the trails.  Based on her descriptions, the rewards are spectacular.


North-South Lake/Escarpment Trail Loop Hike

10 miles/7.5 hours/Catskills Region


South Taconic Tri-State Hike

11 miles/6 hours/Southern Taconics Region


Bash Bish Falls – Sunset Rock – Prospect Hill via the northern section of the South Taconic Trail

8 miles/5 hours/Southern Taconics Region


If you want to share a favorite hike by having it published on the authoritative NY-NJ Trail Conference web site, link here for the procedure, information required and submission form.


In the meantime let Daniela know what you think – and how you experienced the hike -- by posting comments on her hike pages [linked above].


Phil McLewin

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