Shopping Resources


No.  Member discounts are currently not available on digital app maps.  Discounts are also not available if you have already purchased a print map.

Returns and exchanges are accepted if they meet our guidelines.  Return guidelines are further described in our Shop Policies.

Three shipping options are currently available through the US Postal Service.  Shipping options are further described in our Shop Policies.

Yes!  Our map of retail outlets includes outdoor stores, bookstores, and even delis.  Be sure to call the store to check availability.

Yes, e-Books through our Shop are eligible for the same Member Discount as our print books.  Discounts are further described in our Shop Policies.

Yes you can!  Call us at (201) 512-9348 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday (except holidays), 9am to 5pm.

Yes, a selection of Free Maps is available for viewing, downloading and printing. Many are also available for free through the Avenza Maps app.

Yes.  Our store and headquarters is at 600 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah NJ.  Hours are currently Monday through Saturday (except holidays), 9-5.